Lamination Lash Botox

Lash Botox is a completely new technology for lamination of eyelashes, thanks to which the volume increases by about 40%, and the hairs become stronger and slightly thicker. Why do these services go together? Because the laminating film allows longer to keep the components of the drug in the hairs. And this cosmetic, by the way, is a serious development of the best European cosmetologists, and is suitable for sensitive areas of eyelashes.

It is known that cilia consist of keratin by 96%. The difference between Botox is that it contains hydrolyzed keratin in large quantities. Its smallest particles are able to penetrate the small pores of even the thinnest cilia, which allows the composition to restore damaged parts and the structure itself, as well as to have a moisturizing effect due to the presence of collagen.


When using Lash Botox you will get:

  1. Restoration of damaged cilia;
  2. They will become thicker, but remain soft;
  3. The volume will increase by 40% and this effect will last up to 8 weeks.

Indications for use:

  1. If you want to get an expressive look of a Hollywood film actress without eyelash extensions;
  2. Pleasant lamination addition;
  3. The desire to make fragile and thin cilia more alive and thick;
  4. The desire to cure damaged cilia.


For the tool to have the maximum and best effect, you need to follow certain recommendations. The treatment is carried out after dyeing the eyelashes and in parallel with lamination. The main agent is heated before use - the ampoule is simply placed in hot water for a few minutes. When the product becomes transparent and liquid, it can already be used.

After the product is diluted in water in a small amount - only 0.1 ml of cosmetics and 0.5 ml of ordinary water. The solution is suitable for use and is applied with a special brush on the cilia - but be sure to avoid contact with the skin. For this, the master always indents 1-2 mm from the hair root. The cilia themselves are then covered with cling film, which is pressed from above by cotton pads soaked in hot water. All this is fixed with foil so that air does not get inside. Cosmetics is aged 10 minutes, after which everything is removed, and the remnants of the products are erased with a dry cotton swab.

After that, a lamination compound is applied, reinforcing the effect of using Botox.

By the way, to achieve the maximum effect of Botox, you are recommended to carry out not one procedure, but several. Depending on the state of eyelashes and the environment (place of residence and work), it will take from 3 to 5 procedures. It is desirable to spend them with a small interval - 2-3 weeks, between procedures will be enough.

Don't forget that this tool has a cumulative effect.


It is important to note that not all clients can use this procedure. There are a number of limitations and stand out among the contraindications:

  1. The presence of eye disease (it may be conjunctivitis, watery eyes from allergies, etc.);
  2. Transferred eye operations;
  3. Individual intolerance of the product itself or some of its components.

How to check for allergies to cosmetics? Very simple - a small amount of the product is applied to a tender area of ​​the skin (for example, on the inner bend of the elbow) and remains there. If after 10 minutes there is no redness, then cosmetics can be used.

You should also remember that neither pregnancy, nor the lactation period, nor the use of contact lenses interfere with the procedure.

Main Components of the Tool

The Lash Botox tool includes a number of active ingredients:

  1. Hyaluronic acid. Needed to ensure that the hair can hold the required amount of moisture. This contributes to its normal growth and beautiful appearance;
  2. Keratin. Its hydrolyzed subspecies is able to quickly penetrate the structure of the hair itself, gradually filling up the destroyed or simply damaged areas;
  3. Collagen. Allows hair to absorb and retain the required amount of moisture. It is thanks to him that the cilia are plastic and flexible. Plus they get protection from various external aggressive phenomena;
  4. Argan oil. Able to transfer the required amount of minerals to the cilia, it also softens them and serves as UV protection;
  5. Panthenol. Necessary to create a healthy glow cilia, perfectly reflecting the sun.

Thanks to this, the look becomes irresistible even without the use of mascara.

Storage Nuances

Lash Botox can be stored for up to 3 years from the date of manufacture. To do this, the room should not penetrate sunlight and must regularly maintain room temperature.