Lash Botox Next - Modern Eyelash Lamination

In the package are:

  1. Lifting Balm №1;
  2. Volumising Fix №2;
  3. Moisturizing Serum №3.

All products are lamination for eyelashes, and the volume of each sachet is 1.5 ml.

Features of storage and shelf life of drugs

Sasha can be kept in a closed state for a year. After opening, under the condition of tight sticking, they remain fit no more than a month.

Store at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius. Not to allow hit of sunshine, sharp differences of temperatures. Keep away from children.


The tool cannot be used if:

  1. Any eye disease has been diagnosed;
  2. Recently, surgery was performed on the eyelid or eyes;
  3. There is an allergic reaction to the components.


The procedure is as follows:

  1. It is very important to degrease the eyelashes, and then fix them on a special silicone hair curler with a special glue (Lash Botox or Lash Botox Plus is suitable);
  2. A brush (it is recommended to use the Lash Botox model) or a microbrasch is applied with a laminating compound of Lifting Balm No. 1 (thin layer). Be sure to indent from the roots of the eyelashes at least 1 mm. The composition should not affect the tips;
  3. Aged time: 7-8 minutes for thin, 9-10 minutes for medium, 11-12 minutes for hard eyelashes;
  4. After that, the composition is removed with a cotton swab (just dry) or a clean microbrash. The movement of the tool from the roots to the tips;
  5. Apply Volumising Fix # 2 (using a brush or microbrash). A thin layer, indent from the roots of 1 mm, is not applied to the tips;
  6. Keeping time: 3-4 minutes for thin, 4-5 minutes for medium, 5-6 minutes for hard eyelashes;
  7. The composition is removed in the same way as the previous one;
  8. It is recommended to paint the eyelashes after this using oxide and balsam of the Lash Botox line;
  9. Moisturizing Serum No. 3 is applied (brush or microbrush is used). Eyelashes are stroked until they come off the curlers. After the composition is removed;
  10. Microbrash and composition number 3 cleans the entire intercellular zone (running scrolling movements) from the remnants of glue and paint, otherwise they can cause irritation and itching;
  11. Hair curlers are removed from the century with a cotton swab dipped in plain warm water. To do this, gently wipe the skin under the eyelid to detach the form;
  12. Eyelashes combed with a special brush;
  13. A special keratin conditioner Lash Botox is applied.


After the procedure for the next 24 hours should:

  1. Completely eliminate contact with water (do not use the pool, beach, sauna, do not wash);
  2. Do not use oily cosmetics for the face;
  3. Do not go to the solarium;
  4. Do not have a mechanical effect on the eyelashes.

Manufacturer: NBR Cosmetics AG. Klybeckstrasse 121, CH-4057, Basel, Switzerland