Lash Botox – lamination and botox for eyelashes

Botox for eyelashes Lash Botox

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What is Lash Botox

The innovative Lash Botox procedure allows you to increase the volume of eyelashes by about 40%, with each hair becoming much thicker and stronger. This service is usually offered as an accompanying lamination of the eyelashes, since the film retains the components of the preparation for much longer. The drug itself, thanks to the hard work of leading European scientists in the field of beauty, is maximally adapted for application to sensitive areas in the eyelash area.

The cilia includes 96% keratin, and Botox is distinguished by the content of a large amount of hydrolyzed keratin, crushed and able to penetrate the thinnest cilia. Therefore, the solution fills the destroyed parts of the cilia, restores their natural structure and moisturizes. The second leading component is collagen, which is known for its moisturizing properties.

Effect of using Lash Botox

  1. Restores the structure of damaged hairs
  2. Cilia are getting thicker, but remain soft
  3. Volume increases by 40% and lasts up to 8 weeks

To whom Lash Botox for eyelashes is shown

  1. Customers wishing to get a bright, expressive look without eyelash extensions
  2. As an addition to eyelash lamination to get a brighter effect
  3. For owners of thin, fragile eyelashes
  4. Clients with damaged eyelashes from using tweezers, biowaves, weather conditions.

Lash Botox Kit Contents

  1. Ampoule "Lash Botox eyelashes boost-up." Capacity 10 ml. One ampoule is enough for 80-100 procedures.
  2. 3 ml sterile syringe
  3. Needles for a reusable syringe 3 pcs.
  4. Botox Breeding Jar
  5. Instruction

Stages of application procedure

The procedure is carried out during the lamination immediately after dyeing the eyelashes, before applying the composition number 3. First you need to heat the ampoule “Lash Botox eyelashes boost-up” by dipping it into hot water (60-70 degrees). At the same time, its contents should become liquid and transparent. The needle for the syringe also needs to be heated and ensure that its temperature does not drop. Reusable needles, compliance with complete sterility can not be monitored, since the procedure does not include injections. The needle is put on the syringe and carefully collected 0.1 ml of the substance, then 0.5 ml of water is added. The resulting solution is applied to the entire length of the eyelashes, receding 1-2 ml from the base of the hair. Botox-covered eyelashes are covered with cling film, on top of which cotton pad soaked in hot water and a towel are placed.

All this is secured with foil to minimize air ingress. Hold for 10 minutes. After this period, the foil, towel, discs and film are removed from the client’s face and the solution is removed with a dry cotton swab. After applying the composition number 3 for lamination lashes. This greatly prolongs the effect of Botox.

For maximum effect, a series of 3-5 treatments is recommended with an interval of 2-3 weeks. Botox has a cumulative effect and after each session the result will be significantly brighter and more noticeable.

Contraindications for using Lash Botox

Before starting the procedure, you must notify the client about the contraindications, namely:

  • eye disease
  • chronic conjunctivitis
  • recent eye surgery
  • intolerance means

The intolerance of individual components is tested with a skin test. To do this, apply a small amount of the solution to a clean area of ​​skin and leave for a few minutes. If there is no redness and irritation of the skin, Botox can be used.

Pregnancy, lactation, the presence of contact lenses is not a contraindication for the procedure.

Main components included in Lash Botox

  • Hyaluronic acid. Promotes moisture retention within the hair, normalizes pH balance.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin. Penetrates into the hair, filling the broken areas.
  • Collagen. Performs the function of moisturizing, makes the eyelashes flexible and plastic. Also protects against external factors.
  • Argan oil. It nourishes eyelashes with minerals, softens them and protects against ultraviolet.
  • Panthenol. Gives cilia shine, which perfectly reflects the sun. Eyelashes look bright and luxurious, even without mascara.

Drug storage

Shelf Life Lash Botox & ndash; 3 years from date of manufacture. Store it at room temperature.

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